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Goal Summary

- Support Every Worker

- Integrate

- Reinforce

- Don't Waste Time

- Easy to Create

- Continuously Improving

- Private and Secure

Rapid Knowledge System Goals

Organizations need a sound method to rapidly transfer information to workers, PowerPoint presentations are not the answer. A successful knowledge transfer system must incorporate multiple key characteristics including:

Supporting Every Worker

Knowledge transfer systems should support every worker, ensuring they have the required knowledge to perform their jobs successfully.

Integrating in Daily Routine

Knowledge transfer systems should integrate seamlessly into the daily routine, without disrupting the work schedule.

Reinforcing Knowledge Over Time

Knowledge transfer systems should be based on a model of how humans actually achieve knowledge. Turning information into knowledge is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires repeated but brief exposure to the salient facts to be added to the workers knowledge base. Tracked and reinforced properly, knowledge transfer should be achieved in a few minutes a day, transforming the worker and the enterprise.

No Wasted Time

Knowledge transfer systems should determine what workers know and don’t know, and create a customized plan to improve each workers' knowledge. A one size fits all training program wastes times and money. The customization should be automatic, keep the workers properly motivated, and ensure each worker masters and retains the required knowledge.


Knowledge transfer systems should be accountable for their results. Managers should be able to retrieve detailed progress reports and be confident that the workers are properly prepared.

Easy to Create

Knowledge transfer systems should be easy and inexpensive to build and maintain, requiring no programming experience.

Continuously Improving

Knowledge transfer systems should facilitate the continued development and refinement of the knowledge base, using the community to effectively detect errors and grow the knowledge base.

Private and Secure

Knowledge transfer systems should keep private data private and secure. It is possible to quickly and affordably achieve these goals by using the Rapid Knowledge Transfer System (RKS).