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Slash training budgets while dramatically improving ROI.


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Through the Procuit application and other emerging technologies, we are committed to assisting in providing every child on the planet with an exceptional and free K-12 education.







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Data and Information
Exists in IT systems.

Information design and visual literacy.

The Goal
Turn data and information into knowledge.

Invest in Knowledge

Knowledge exists in the hearts and minds of your workers, not in your information systems. It is not enough to deploy the latest content management tools, you must also transfer the information in those systems to your workers. Only when your workers can successfully apply the data and information to their work does that information become knowledge. Every year the U.S. alone spends over 1 trillion dollars on some form of knowledge transfer, involving over 65 million adults and 61 million children. Every organization has this same basic need, transferring critical information to the workers in a manner that allows the workers to recall it quickly and apply it effectively. This activity does not need to be time consuming and expensive. This activity does not need to be opaque and unaccountable.

It is not enough for organizations to invest in gathering and collecting data and information. Organizations must also invest in turning that data and information into knowledge. The results of this investment should be clear, measurable, and profitable - knowledgeable workers.

Don't invest in training, invest in knowledge. And make sure the results of your investment are visible in the daily performance of your team. This is now easier than ever to accomplish because of the Rapid Knowledge Transfer System (RKS), a simple, cost-effective method, to invest in knowledge.