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Through the Procuit application and other emerging technologies, we are committed to assisting in providing every child on the planet with an exceptional and free K-12 education.







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Edward Tufte
Information design and visual literacy.

True Mastery

Data and information isn't knowledge until it is in the hearts and minds of your target audience. The process of turning data and information into knowledge should be professional, accountable, fast, and affordable. The results of these initiatives must be traceable and reportable. [Shout Out...]

Investing in Knowledge

Knowledge exists in the hearts and minds of your workers, not in your corporate information systems. [Shout Out...]

The Curse of PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations dominate knowledge transfer in both business and higher-academic communities. Remarkably, PowerPoint is a poor tool for knowledge transfer, it is expensive to create, one dimensional, and incorporates no research backed principles for how to transfer knowledge rapidly & effectively. [Shout Out...]

Training Budget, Waste or Total Waste?

I have seen first hand what companies intuitively know, which is that a great deal of the money, time, and energy spent in professional training total is a TOTAL WASTE. [Shout Out...]

The Simplest Things

It is possible to dramatically improve our approach to training and education with just a few simple changes. [Shout Out...]

Knowledge Transfer System Goals

Organizations need a sound method to rapidly transfer information to workers. A successful rapid knowledge transfer system has several key characteristics. [Shout Out...]