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Through the Procuit application and other emerging technologies, we are committed to assisting in providing every child on the planet with an exceptional and free K-12 education.








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Key Benefits

RKS Engine
Over 300 features ensure effective, affordable, and rapid knowledge transfer.

Multiple languages supported.

The Rapid Knowledge System Framework Engine

Procuit's Rapid Knowledge System Framework (RKS) engine provides over 300 features to ensure effective, affordable, and rapid knowledge transfer to individuals within your organization. The Procuit RKS engine provides a simple to use interface to for workers, authors, and managers. Procuit equips everyone to have the knowledge required to perform their jobs successfully.

Importing and Authoring

The RKS importing and authoring environment enables organizations to rapidly transfers key policies, processes, and check lists into knowledge that workers can rapidly recall and readily apply. The RKS supports:

  • Multiple Authors
  • Importing Source Documents
  • Rapidly Authoring New Knowledge Areas
  • Simple to Use Authoring Wizards
  • Images, Audio, and Video
  • User Feedback on Content
  • Author Notification of User Feedback

Reinforcement, Reporting and Tracking

RKS proprietary knowledge algorithms track worker progress and positively reinforce key information without interfering in the workers' daily activities.

  • Individual User Log-Ins
  • Individual User Assignments
  • Rapid User-Centered Focused Tutorials

RKS determines what the workers know and don’t know and then customizes its knowledge transfer plan for each individual worker. RKS even ensures that the workers are properly motivated, helping them quickly master the required materials.

  • Worker Assessments
  • Certificates, Trophies, and Awards

Throughout the entire process managers are provided with detailed status reports to track worker progress so they may confidently know their workers are properly prepared.

  • Usage Reports
  • Achievement Reports
  • Individual User Tracking


RKS focus areas are easy and inexpensive to build and maintain, requiring no programming experience. The system actively facilitates the continued development and refinement of the knowledge base, using the community to effectively detect errors and grow the knowledge base.

  • Low Monthly Fees
  • Procuit Hosted Services

Proven Results

Turning information into knowledge is a marathon, not a sprint. Cognitive research supports our approach to long term knowledge transfer - repeated but brief exposure to salient facts over extended periods of time.

  • Clear Objectives
  • Focused Content
  • Active Recall
  • Repeated Reinforcement
  • Practical Application

Tracked and reinforced properly, knowledge transfer can be achieved in short session, transforming the worker and the enterprise.

Private and Secure

RKS keeps your information private and secure. A web service accessible via Internet browsers and mobile devices RKS can be installed at individual business locations or hosted in our hosting center.

  • Administrator Accounts
  • Manager Accounts and Access Controls
  • Encrypted Passwords
  • Private or Public User Accounts
  • Restricted Authoring
  • Private or Public Content and Profiles
  • Friends and Manager Permissions

Publish and Profit

It is also possible to publicly publish your knowledge transfer focus area, freely sharing it or privately reselling it to other RKS communities.

  • Premium Content Publishing

Wherever RKS runs, the local community actively builds, evaluates, and improves knowledge focus areas. Continually improving, and refining, your investment in knowledge transfer.

  • Course and Lesson Forums
  • Content Comments
  • Shared Authoring

Social Network Integration

Our system can be customized to run under any social networking system (Facebook, OpenSocial, Ning, MySpace, etc.)