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Beyond eLearning

The problem most businesses quickly discover when training employees is that they leak. That's right, they leak information. You may know leaking by its more common name – forgetting. If you send your employees through a three hour eLearning course, they may forget 80% or more of the information they learn within thirty days. In this paper, we share three secrets for improving long-term retention and recall in your employees. [more...]


Retenia equips your organization to maximize the return on your existing training initiatives. Using state of the art algorithms we can dramatically improve your employees retention of existing training. Best of all, it doesn't require a lot of time or money. Dramatically improve your employee training program in as little as 5 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

Retenia is a knowledge reinforcement system that ensures your employees retain and recall their training. Dramatically improve the long-term return on your existing training initiatives by having employees actually retain and recall their training &emdash weeks, months, and even years later. The results are measurable and provable. Call Tom Meloche at 1-734-355-0983 to initiate a pilot project for your organization today.

Complement Existing System

Retenia can be used as a stand-alone system or a supplement to existing training. We support individual user log-ins, or log-ins from external systems, as well as administrator, manager, and worker accounts.

Formal Certification

Retenia supports formal certification that knowledge is being retained over the long term. We can baseline our performance against employees not using Retenia to demonstrate the value of a supplemental knowledge retention initiative.

Audit Protection

Retenia provides a detailed log of each worker's interaction with the system. Records can clearly demonstrate that workers properly retain and recall critical corporate policies that the HR department has communicated.

Rapid Authoring and Deployment

Retenia allows your workers to rapidly author and deploy new knowledge content. Authoring tools support rapid importing and authoring, wizards, and shared resource libraries for images, audios, and videos. Standard formatting allows you to purchase and import formal knowledge offerings created by third-party organizations. Create a comprehensive training follow-up program in a matter of hours.

Remembering, Mastering and Applying

Your company's knowledge portal supports the latest research in human psychology and cognition, ensuring that your workers truly master the required materials. Retenia provides spaced repetition, active recall, mastery, and self evaluation - all critical components of a successful knowledge retention and recall training program.

Reporting and Accountability

Retenia is accountable for its results. Each worker can be reviewed to identify their current mastery level of core knowledge. Automatically generated management reports track cost, time, effort and results, confirming the ability of Retenia to provide bottom line improvements and a positive ROI to the organization.

Call Tom Meloche today at 1-734-355-0983 to initiate a pilot project for your organization.