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Through the Procuit application and other emerging technologies, we are committed to assisting in providing every child on the planet with an exceptional and free K-12 education.








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HomeSchool Advantage is now in Beta Testing.

HomeSchool Advantage provides an invaluable supplementary educational resource to families. This web-based system generates individualized daily workbooks for students in grades 1-12, across a growing list of subjects that includes geography, history, and mathematics in the beta release. [more...]

Procuit's Facebook mashup allows you to deliver educational content directly inside of Facebook.

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Reach tens of millions of new users by making your own educational offerings or intelligent marketing applications that can be seamlessly integrated within Facebook with minimal effort. [more…]

Intelligent Marketing

Intelligent Marketing provides you, the vendor, with the same respect people typically reserve for their doctors. Intelligent Marketing establishes you as the expert to the customer, so that they are comfortable seeking your counsel. Customers literally cold call you.

Intelligent Marketing achieves these results by establishing you, in the eyes of the customer, as the definitive expert. You are the instructor, the professor, the person defining the vocabulary and establishing the rules. In Procuit’s system, you provide the mastery framework.

Procuit’s Rapid Knowledge Transfer system makes it simple. Build a course using our proprietary mastery tools, make it available to the social networking community, inform and educate your customers, and let them find you when they are ready to buy. Because you are the expert, you are also the first choice when they seek products and services in the area of expertise you describe. Even more importantly, you become the preferred provider regardless of the price. After all, they are willing to pay for the best.

Our Intelligent Marketing offerings integrate into private or public social networking systems. Leverage the communities in Facebook, MySpace, Ning and more to educate your customers and become their mentor. Learn the power of Intelligent Marketing.