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Healthcare is a knowledge intensive industry. Everything we see, hear, say and do on our jobs is directly influenced by and is critically dependent on our long-term memory. Even advanced problem solving and expert reasoning are dependent on long-term memory. It should not be surprising then, that the secrets we are about to share are all related to improving long-term memory. If you apply these five secrets of cognitive science to your healthcare training initiatives, you will create measurably more effective employees. [more...]

Health Care Portal - HealthCare Advantage

Procuit's Health Care Portal, HealthCare Advantage, equips your health care organization to rapidly create a custom knowledge community specifically tailored to your needs. The HealthCare Advantage includes core Rapid Knowledge System features making it simple for you to capture, transfer, track, and retrieve corporate health care related knowledge. Slash your training budget while achieving dramatically better results.

Private or Public

HealthCare Advantage can be private or public. The portal supports individual user log-ins, public and private content, and administrator, manager, and worker accounts. Leverage your portal to create employee and partner training programs, implement a corporate knowledge community, and empower human resources. The application also supports formal certification and advancement programs.

Audit Protection

HealthCare Advantage provides a detailed log of each workers' interaction with the system. Records can clearly demonstrate that workers have been properly trained on critical health care related policies and that the HR department acted responsibly in ensuring the core policies were communicated.

Rapid Authoring and Deployment

HealthCare Advantage allows your employees to rapidly author and deploy knowledge content. Authoring tools support rapid importing and authoring, wizards, and shared resource libraries for images, audios, and videos. Standard formatting allows you to purchase and import formal knowledge offerings created by third-party organizations. Create a comprehensive training program is a matter of hours.

Remembering, Mastering, and Applying

HealthCare Advantage supports the latest research in human psychology and cognition, ensuring that your employees truly master the required materials. Our features support clear objectives, active learning, selective information reinforcement, and practical application exercises - all critical components of a successful knowledge transfer program.

Community Building

HealthCare Advantage builds a true knowledge community, where workers collaborate to enhance and improve the knowledge transfer content. User profiles, forums, chat, and emails, as well as automatic feedback notifications, all work to create a cohesive and cooperative community. In addition, user friend relationships work to facilitate a positive social atmosphere.

Reporting and Accountability

HealthCare Advantage is accountable for its results. Each employee can be reviewed to identify their current mastery level of core knowledge. Automatically generated management reports track cost, time, effort, and results, confirming the ability of the application to provide bottom line improvements and a positive ROI to the organization.