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HomeSchool Advantage is now in Beta Testing.

HomeSchool Advantage provides an invaluable supplementary educational resource to families. This web-based system generates individualized daily workbooks for students in grades 1-12, across a growing list of subjects that includes geography, history, and mathematics in the beta release. [more...]

Procuit's Facebook mashup allows you to deliver educational content directly inside of Facebook.

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Reach tens of millions of new users by making your own educational offerings or intelligent marketing applications that can be seamlessly integrated within Facebook with minimal effort. [more…]

Wyyzzk, Inc. and Procuit Inc. Bring Professional Development Services to Business Analysts in Information Technology

Ann Arbor, Mi. – June 16, 2009 -- Wyyzzk, Inc. and Procuit Inc. have announced a joint venture to release a new membership website for the professional development of IT Business Analysts called ResourcesForBusinessAnalysts.com. This site will use modern cognitive techniques to aid in the development and retention of professional knowledge, as well as offering traditional features such as papers, articles, social networking, and job aids.

"We are making Geri's vision a reality," says Thomas Meloche, CEO of Procuit Inc. "For the past 6 years Geri has been envisioning high quality information, tools, and training for Business Analysts. Geri's desire is to create exceptional analysts, who stand out in the crowd and are dramatically more productive. I am excited to be working with her to leverage and extend Procuit's social/training platform to support the creation of a unique training and knowledge sharing service."

Geri Schneider Winters is well-known in the software industry for her book "Applying Use Cases: A Practical Guide", which teaches Business Analysts how to write software requirements in the form of Use Cases. A working Business Analyst herself, and a trainer of Business Analysts, she knows the issues faced in the day-to-day work, and that traditional training is not effective in the long term.

A well-known problem in education is that most students who attend professional training or take on-line courses will forget almost all of what they have learned within 30 days of the course. Another problem is that the training is not specific to the individual.

"We started with the idea of a training site that would be customized to the individual," says Geri Schneider Winters, President/CEO of Wyyzzk, Inc. "One of the most exciting features about the Procuit platform is it tracks and knows what an individual is remembering and what they are forgetting. Then it prepares individualized workbooks and quizzes for each Business Analyst. This ensures each Business Analyst is exactly up-to-date on what he or she needs to know to be successful. Other features we have added to the site include papers, articles, job aids, and social networking to provide everything we can think of to help the individual Business Analyst be successful. Our goal is a site that Business Analysts will come to every day, and each person will find what he or she needs at that point in his or her career to be effective in the job."

Thomas Meloche is well-known in the Agile community. A founder of Menlo Innovations in Ann Arbor, MI, he was an early and successful adopter of Agile techniques for software development.

"The most important thing we can do is listen to our customers," added Meloche. "I know this from developing software, and am seeing the same message now in the business community with the idea of Lean Startups. It is a good idea for software and a good idea for business. Because what someone else needs to be successful is not something we can always guess, we want the members to be involved, to tell us how the services should evolve over time."

The initial release of the site will be free. It will include papers, articles, social networking, and the Procuit knowledge platform. In addition, pages and features to-be-developed will be included. Each of the to-be-developed parts of the site will include a voting mechanism for members to indicate how important it is to them. A conversation thread for each to-be-developed part will allow members to give direct feedback on what exactly they want and need.

For additional information about the new membership site for Business Analysts, contact Geri Schneider Winters or Thomas Meloche, or visit http://www.writingusecases.com for updated news and product release information.

About Procuit Inc.:
Procuit Inc. provides businesses, institutions, and individuals with the ability to rapidly and effectively master and share knowledge. We provide the tools to deliver knowledge to a global market of employees, customers, and students. Our tools provide internal and external knowledge portals as well as knowledge extensions to existing social frameworks such as Facebook, MySpace, OpenSocial, and Ning. We make it simple to buy, sell, and share curriculum supporting a perfect-practice educational methodology. Contact: Thomas Meloche Procuit Inc. 734-355-0983 www.procuit.com

About Wyyzzk, Inc.:
Founded in 1997, Wyyzzk, Inc. was started by Geri Schneider Winters and Jason P. Winters, whose vision of providing the highest quality software engineering consulting and training services for individuals working on large software projects continues to drive the company. Today, the company's focus on the individual contributor is leading to the development of online communities for people working in the different roles of a software project. Contact: Geri Schneider Winters Wyyzzk, Inc. 412-567-3765 www.wyyzzk.com www.writingusecases.com