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HomeSchool Advantage is now in Beta Testing.

HomeSchool Advantage provides an invaluable supplementary educational resource to families. This web-based system generates individualized daily workbooks for students in grades 1-12, across a growing list of subjects that includes geography, history, and mathematics in the beta release. [more...]

Procuit's Facebook mashup allows you to deliver educational content directly inside of Facebook.

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Reach tens of millions of new users by making your own educational offerings or intelligent marketing applications that can be seamlessly integrated within Facebook with minimal effort. [more…]

Procuit announces the creation of Studytag.com

Ann Arbor , Mi. – December 4, 2007 – Procuit, a company dedicated to transforming how the world learns, has announced the creation of Studytag.com.

StudyTag.com is an online learning center where anyone can take existing free courses and easily create and share new ones. Procuit's knowledge transfer tools uniquely support business people or students in truly mastering, retaining, and recalling knowledge.

In most all learning environments, whether in a business training setting or in a school, material is presented and at the end of the session a test or quiz is given to see how well the student understood the material. If the student gets 100% on the exam, then conventional wisdom assumes that knowledge transfer has taken place. But has it really? Ask that same person to take the test a week, a month or a year later. What are the chances that the person would still recall 100%, 50%, or even 20% of the material correctly? We all know from experience, the chances of doing well over time are very, very low. Conventional training methods do a poor job supporting long-term retention and recall. StudyTag.com is different. StudyTag.com provides long-term knowledge mastery, ensuring students successfully recall 100% of the information weeks, months, and even years later.

The power of StudyTag.com comes from the Procuit Rapid Knowledge System (RKS) engine. Whatever the area of study, company policies and processes for the business person, or History, Science or Mathematics for the student, the Procuit Rapid Knowledge System (RKS) engine ensures long-term knowledge retention. The RKS engine, built based on research in human cognition, builds a detailed map of each student's knowledge. The RKS uses this map to selectively reinforce knowledge in a manner specifically designed to support long-term retention and recall, providing dramatically better results in less time, with less energy, and for less cost.

Interested in learning more? Visit Procuit.com to learn how you can apply the Procuit Rapid Knowledge System at your business.

About Procuit: Procuit is the premiere provider of specialized knowledge based applications targeting Education, Marketing, HR and Corporate Knowledge Centers. The unique mind mapping technique provided by Procuit’s applications enables anyone to truly master an area of study.

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