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Through the Procuit application and other emerging technologies, we are committed to assisting in providing every child on the planet with an exceptional and free K-12 education.







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All members can add to the knowledge base, freely building, learning, mastering, and sharing content.



StudyTag.com is a public social knowledge community where members author and share knowledge. StudyTag contains dozens of free courses and hundreds of free lessons, with new content being added daily. All members can add to the knowledge base, building, learning, mastering, and sharing knowledge.

Build - StudyTag members may freely create new content on any knowledge area they wish to master.

Learn - StudyTag automated knowledge reinforcement algorithms ensure members learn effectively through focused short burst sessions. Automatically generated mutable content supports active learning, helping members master the facts, not the tests.

Master - StudyTag proprietary reinforcement algorithms ensure members master the knowledge over the long term. In just a few minutes a day key facts are continuously reinforced, helping users master the facts and turn them into knowledge. Practicums ensure the facts can be practically applied, solving real-world problems.

Share - StudyTag members can freely share knowledge, courses, presentations, lessons and accomplishments. Sharing builds the community, continuously improving the knowledge base, and encourages the users to achieve more.

Security & Privacy

StudyTag.com allows parents and teachers to leverage the entire community, or to focus their students on a small set of specifically approved content. StudyTag also support privacy, permitting unpublished lessons, private courses, and restricted access to other members.