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Case Study - Adwords URLs

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Teaching the Adwords URL Policy

A manager needed to train new employees in Google Adwords URL policies. Google provides on-line documentation on the policies. However, the Google system doesn't identify and label the individual facts to be mastered. It covers the information without special support for reviewing the key facts over time. The policy documentation is followed up by a small number of simple questions that do not change. Any worker seeking to refresh their memory will see the exact same questions each time they visit.

Rapid Knowledge System

The RKS was used to rapidly import the Google URL policy. A complete knowledge area was created in less than 45 minutes. The knowledge area clearly identified the 24 facts and 11 independent readings contained in the Google URL policy. The knowledge area could now be assigned to individual workers. These workers could work over time to truly master the 24 facts, and the manager could easily verify and monitor their progress. Unlike the prior simple Google system, the RKS would repeatedly reinforced on ALL OF THE KEY FACTS with 24 questions that constantly changed form, helping the worker to actively recall and learn the information.

Knowledge Practicum

After the knowledge area was complete a separate practicum was developed in the RKS to verify that the employee not only understood the knowledge, but that they also could practically apply the knowledge. The complete practicum was developed and deployed in less than 2 hours.

End Results

The manager had a functioning knowledge transfer system to rapidly train employees in Google Adwords policies that supported each individual worker, reinforced the knowledge over time, automatically customized itself to each worker, kept the manager informed on worker progress, and was easy to enhance and support.