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Through the Procuit application and other emerging technologies, we are committed to assisting in providing every child on the planet with an exceptional and free K-12 education.


Ann Arbor Spark Microloans Support Five Startups — Procuit named as recipient

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HomeSchool Advantage is now in Beta Testing.

HomeSchool Advantage provides an invaluable supplementary educational resource to families. This web-based system generates individualized daily workbooks for students in grades 1-12, across a growing list of subjects that includes geography, history, and mathematics in the beta release. [more...]

Procuit's Facebook mashup allows you to deliver educational content directly inside of Facebook.

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Reach tens of millions of new users by making your own educational offerings or intelligent marketing applications that can be seamlessly integrated within Facebook with minimal effort. [more…]

Beyond Training & eLearning

Live and eLearning courses give your employees an excellent start. However, research shows that employees forget 80% of what they learn within just 30 days of a training event. Procuit solves this knowledge retention problem. Our system supplements your existing training initiatives and ensures your employees fully retain and recall what they have learned.

Our automated retention and recall system begins immediately after your existing training ends. Procuit leverages the latest research in human cognition to ensure your employees remember what they learned without interrupting their normal work schedule. We produce these results quickly and cost effectively, requiring very little time, as little as five minutes a day, two to three days a week.

Don't believe that such a small amount of time can provide such a dramatic improvement in results? Don't worry. Procuit collects real-time data on employee retention and reports the results to you. Ask about our double-blind studies.

Fully Integrated Enterprise Applications


Our Retention and Recall Systems can easily integrate with corporate Internets, Intranets, and even third party applications such as Facebook, Open Social, Ning, and Myspace. Bud Gibson from Michigan Innovators recently interviewed Tom Meloche, CEO and President of Procuit. They discussed a number of topics including Procuit's business model and Tom's vision for the future of enterprise applications on Facebook.

Parts 2 and 3 of this interview can be found starting here. More information on Michigan Innovators can be found here.

Procuit’s social networking framework and integration products allow organizations to connect with employees and customers on dedicated private and open public networks (Facebook, OpenSocial, MySpace). Our knowledge transfer system produces true mastery, providing traceable and reportable results for your target audience.

Transform the way you build and equip your business, your workers, your customers, and yourself. Acquire and distribute knowledge faster, less disruptively, and less expensively with Procuit’s Enterprise Web 2.0 knowledge transfer system.